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tv   [untitled]    May 13, 2013 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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oysters. it across from the picture. it's also by yan stain as the old twitter of the young. that picture of the 17th century weren't exclusive small but they tend to be smaller than typical pictures of the time and that had to do with their intended setting. many were intended for small places, much more intimate scale. now we are in the middle of the auditorium. that is a great question and i can remember two. i have got four out of the 5. the church interior, the catholic church that was not in japan and the self portrait of the artist and i have been trying to remember the 5th one
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but i can't. sorry about that. [inaudible] >> yes. i actually googled that the other day and one of my colleagues maybe can say why the names are spelled differently. i know that van roy who actually create d his own name. i think it was after a building. it was kind of a fabricated nome do plume if you will. but i don't know why they are spelled differently. jaca was the nephew. i don't know
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the answer. my colleagues are shaking their heads so that makes me feel better. >> the obscure a, it been a very popular question about all the lectures that i have given about this exhibition. the camera, is two different kind of ways of understanding the world around you using lenses so to translate what you are seeing onto a page that you are drawing from or on the a canvas that you are painting. we don't know for sure and this is coming verdict sher since it was shadow and optical effects,
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it almost goes without saying he was an aware of camera obscure abut whether or not he auto it, i'm not sure. the book, which is called secret not knowledge, in this book he postulates that many of the obscure a bare compositions. it's an interesting question but want to be really careful about how i talk about it because we don't know for sure that he used a camera obscure a there is some interesting research that's been discussed recently that can kind of fill them with a technical gap which is whether or not he used a model. if you look at the
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composition of the girl with the pearl earring and study the spatial layout and the light effects, it's plausible that he was using an actual model and he wasn't just basing the model off his own imagination but we don't know for sure if he did use the camera obscure a. long answer. any other questions? one in the front. the question is about vermier's paintings. this is the only in the exhibition. at the moment, i don't know if it's an arrived at the getty yet. there are no vermier's paintings in california. there will also be a vermier in amsterdam at the getty museum in los angeles. i think it opens around february 14th. there will be two in california which is exciting.
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we only know about 34-36 vermier paintings in the world it's a small number. there is a little group at the metropolitan museum and also some regional museums in holland. the morris house has 3, girl with the pearl earring and the view of -- they are scattered afford around but there is only a few around. i should probably wrap up. >> so the question is about the
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morris house and it's collection and there is some really interesting commentary in the catalog. it a lovely book and i would encourage to you look at that and there is a nice history about the the collection. like i said, it was really the bulk of it was formed by the stockholders. it not the collection of the royal family which is why they tend to use the morris house but the formal name is morris house. i think where the paintings were stolen by napoleon and there is interesting history of pictures moving back and forth but the paintings were form by the stockholders and they have acquire them and two of the most recent acquisitions were
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the -- in the seen and rembrandt portrait of an old man -- acquired in 1999. there were a lot of donors that contributed to that. thank you for your time, if there are any more questions maybe we can stretch our legs
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